Tuesday, July 30, 2013

And Then She Was Seven!

Seven years strong publishing Fire Witch Rising and not a day goes by without the joy of the words I got to publish here.

I haven't posted much in 2013 because quite frankly I'm having trouble keeping up with everything that is collapsing.

Seven years ago it felt like pushing a boulder up a hill to try to convince anybody that the consequences for white male supremacy were headed this way.

Now they are legion. And boy do the fuckers have it coming!

So forgive me, dear readers, if I take some personal time to just sit back and enjoy the beat-down. Which is to say, I'm out there helping Mother Earth bring down this horror show as fast as we can.

Get some!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

So are all white males inherently evil? I don't get it.

11/21/2013 2:28 PM  
Blogger Fire Witch said...

No. All white males are inherently privileged.

Maybe it's that bubble of privilege that's left you so dense.

11/24/2013 3:05 PM  

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